What is a House Concert?

A house concert is a concert that you put on in your own living room, a basement or even your backyard. They are becoming a popular event as music enthusiasts can invite artists they personally enjoy right in to their own home to do a show. It's a great format where both audience and artist alike get to experience an intimate concert in a setting that is comfortable for all. You can create the enviornment, it requires little advertising and ticket prices can be whatever the artist and presenter agree upon (usually a $10-15 suggested donation per person). The main thing required from you is 1) having the space to host it, and 2) inviting your friends, neighbors, co-workers, family, etc. It can be a private show for just for people you know, or we can open it up to the public for people on my mailing list to attend as well. It's up to you. You can either have it be just a concert, or you may choose to provide appetizers and drinks, or invite people to bring food and drink to share. It is whatever you want to create!

Please email me at JennCleary@JennCleary.com if you'd be interested in hosting a house concert and we can talk about the details.

Thank you for considering hosting a house concert and I look forward to hearing from you!

Jenn Cleary

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