Yahoo!News (2021)

Boulder-based blues songstress Jenn Cleary — a staple of the Front Range music scene — released her first full-length children’s album earlier this month. Doused with feel-good anthems, environmental ethics and plenty of tight musicianship, “All Together Now!” is proving to be a favorite among kids of all ages — the audio salve to the chaos of last year.

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Geekdad (2021)

If there was ever a time to sing the blues, it was during our shared pandemic year. Contrary to popular belief, the blues are not exclusively gloomy or unhappy. Blues is a song style that can convey many positive sentiments, such as family, environment, and community. Leading the 2021 blues brigade is Boulder, Colorado-based Jenn Cleary, with her first children’s release, ALL TOGETHER NOW!

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Cox County Clappers (2021)

Jenn Cleary’s collection of children’s songs would be a valuable addition to playlists of parents, teachers and counselors of young children. Ranging from mellow to energetic, the music is reminiscent of piano rock-jams of Three Dog Night, maybe some Jackie DeShannon. On “Clean Water,” and “Love RIght Now,” you’ll swear it is 70s all over, and we are singing in perfect harmony.

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Kinderling Kids Radio (2021)

Each week Kinderling gives a HIGH FIVE to music, artists, albums and other stuff we think is awesome!
This week’s High Five is Jenn Cleary’s enviro-focused album All Together Now!

Celebrating animals, nature and our wild world, the folk blues singer delivers an important message through fun, playful songs like ‘Backyard Farm’ and ‘Our Wild Family’.

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