Geekdad (2022)

If your only experience with harmonica is Blues Traveler’s John Popper, meet Cleary’s sideman, Mad Dog Friedman, who keeps the tempo flowing on the title track and other tunes. Happy Day winds down with the contemplative “Fly Seagull Fly” and bedtime lullaby, “It’s Time to Go to Sleep.” But with Jenn Cleary, the blues don’t need to be sad. It’s just another shade in a child’s palette and tomorrow will be another day to color outside the lines.

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Philspicks (2022)

Family music entertainer Jenn Cleary is scheduled to release her sophomore album, Happy Day June 17 independently. Set for release a little more than a year after the release of her debut album, All Together Now, the 10-song record is a presentation that will make audiences happy every day.

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Shout Out Colorado (2022)

When I was six, I asked Santa Claus for a piano and he really delivered! Well actually, the want-ads delivered four burly brothers and their accordion-toting mother with a big ol’ antique piano that they seemed happy to find a new home for. Somehow, they got that beast of wood and wire through the door and into our family room.

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Authority Magazine (2022)

“Don’t expect everyone to like your musical expression. It’s ok, we all have different tastes.” There have been shows where I felt nobody cared or was even listening. But at almost every show, somebody comes up to me and says how moved they were by a particular song. I never assume that people aren’t listening. And even if it’s just one person in the room who was moved, that’s enough.”

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