WAV/AIFF’s: Available upon request.

Genre: Children’s/Blues Rock

Writer(s): Jenn Cleary and Ken Langford

Tempo: Mid-tempo

Publisher: Jenn Cleary Music LLC

BPM: 138

Themes and Tags: happy, joyful, fun, funny, playful, bubbles, bathtime, floating, flying, flowing, blowing, pop, popping, seltzer, bathing, bubblebath

Mood: Playful

Instrumentation: Female Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums, Harmonica, B3 organ, Bubbles

Sounds Like: Raffi

Key: E

Length: 2:52

Year Released: 2021


by Jenn Cleary and Ken Langford

© Jenn Cleary Music LLC

they’re floating and flowing and flying around
they’re drifting and dripping and dropping to the ground
bubbles…yeah bubbles!

riding on a breeze, rainbows fly high
dancing orbs blowing through the sky
bubbles, yeah bubbles!

float then pop
skippity doo op
give em a poke or even a chop!
bubbles, yeah bubbles

bubbles can be useful, not just fun
wash away the rubble of a day in the sun
always temporary bubbles never stay
watch the wind blow them away…

swooping and swaying and swinging about
here they come pop’em when you shout!
bubbles, yeah bubbles

float then pop…

bubbles in my seltzer, bubbles in my bath
tickles my nose, makes me want to laugh
bubbles, yeah bubbles

float then pop…


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