Our Wild Family

Genre: Folk Rock/Children’s

Writer(s): Jenn Cleary and Connie Shaw

Publisher: Jenn Cleary Music

Tempo: upbeat




Our Wild Family

by Jenn Cleary and Connie Shaw

© Jenn Cleary Music LLC

animals, birds and trees are related to you and me
we all need the wild places, with waterfalls, rocks and bees to make us happy… feel free let’s take care of our family

we need streams for our fishes oceans for our whales rainforests to make fresh clean air
we need leaves for bugs to eat
tall trees for owl nests
icebergs for big polar bears

we need to fix our atmosphere
keep poisons from our soil
and live in harmony with earth, everywhere


so make friends with sister squirrel
go hug your favorite tree
kiss a butterfly’s nose if you dare

lie down on soft green grass
feel the cool wind on your cheek
let your mind wander skies so fair

don’t use more than you need
let the wild places be
and remember earth is precious and is rare