Cox County Clappers (2021)

Jenn Cleary’s collection of children’s songs would be a valuable addition to playlists of parents, teachers and counselors of young children. Ranging from mellow to energetic, the music is reminiscent of piano rock-jams of Three Dog Night, maybe some Jackie DeShannon. On “Clean Water,” and “Love RIght Now,” you’ll swear it is 70s all over, and we are singing in perfect harmony.

The lyrics throughout introduce and reinforce messages that are simple, positive and essential.

The main message throughout is that we are part of a greater ecosystem, and if we learn to live in it the right way, not only will the earth be better off, we’ll be happier, as well. Of course, Jenn doesn’t put it that way. She says it as simply as possible: “Let’s care for one another, share with one another”….”We need streams for our fishes, oceans for our whales, rainforests for fresh clean air….”

The one exception to the simple-rule, is her ode to bees, “My Sisters and Me.” Here Jenn gets into the real nitty-gritty of life in the hive, describing the number of bees that live together, the months in which they pollinate. But it is so light-hearted, that
the more detailed it gets, the funnier it gets. This one is educational for listeners of all ages.

Some of the songs are just plain fun–“Less Gravity,” and “Bubbles” would be great with accompanying animated videos. Teachers wanting to let kids work off energy, might want to play these during the kids’ activities.

Kids and the people taking care of them will be singing along with Jenn Cleary’s collection.