Don’t Try and Change Me

WAV/AIFF’s: Available upon request.

Genre: Blues/Folk

Writer(s): Jenn Cleary

Tempo: Mid-tempo

Publisher: Jenn Cleary Music LLC

BPM: 126

Themes and Tags: relationship, change, female empowerment, move-on, reflective, sassy, resentful, goodbye, blues, fine as I am, acceptance, bossy, rather be free, humorous, tongue in cheek, projection

Mood: Sassy

Instrumentation: Female Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums, Slide Guitar, B3 Organ

Sounds Like: Bonnie Raitt

Key: E

Length: 3:26

Year Released: 2010

Don’t Try and Change Me

by Jenn Cleary

© Jenn Cleary

don’t try to change me to what works for you​
don’t boss me around or tell me what to do​
this is who I am, like it or not​
ya gotta be fine with me or find another spot​
I ain’t putting up with no flim or no flam​
if you’re stayin’ here, then take me as I am​
accept this girl for what you see​
or you can move on baby, cause I’d rather be free​

I like your company and all your charm
I even like it when you take me by the arm
I like the way you pay for my meal
but don’t you ever try and go and make me heel
I’d like to share your riches and your gold
I’d like a second house in Monte Carlo
I’d like to have a nice convertible car
but it’s just not worth it if you push it too far

I need you to know I’m quite independent
unless of course, it’s terribly inconvenient
I know what you’re thinking when you’re lookin’ at me
maybe all you wanted was a devotee
well, I must admit I can be confusing
with all of my fussing and all my musing
but that’s how it is, what can I say
will you go or will you stay?

don’t try to…

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