Eat The Marshmallow (2021)

Out of Boulder, Colorado comes a first kindie album from folk/ rock/ blues singer Jenn Cleary titled All Together Now! This album is to reach out to young audiences in a playful way with messages of environmental stewardship and social conciousness. The 11 tracks are educational, upbeat, and catchy; a way for young ones to dance their way into greater awareness and care for the world around them. “Writing a children’s album is another way to deliver a positive message and impact kids, while bringing a smile to their faces! When I worked with children in developing countries, we couldn’t communicate through words, so we used the universal language of music to help bring us ‘all together.’ All Together Now! takes me full-circle in my passion to make a positive difference in children’s lives, ” says Jenn Cleary of her intentions for the album. The final track All Kinds of Families was co-written with Jenn Cleary’s adopted daughter Dorje Dolma and ends the album with a beautiful message of inclusivity and honoring diversity. All Together Now! is available through Amazon music.

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