Exclusive Magazine (2021)

For those unaware, Jenn Cleary is a folk-rock singer-songwriter from Boulder, Colorado, with many years experience performing on international stages.

Highlight shows include Sundance Film Festivals, Colorado Rockies games, opening for Shemekia Copeland at Etown, and several European tours.

She has a range of song styles and performs bluesy acoustic solo shows as well as rocking shows with her full electric band.

Jenn has released two albums of all original songs and one covers album, and now she is set to release her very first childrens album.

All Together Now! (due out June 4th, 2021) is that brand new album and it offers children and families messages of connection, community, and caring for each other and our environment.

  1. Our Wild Family
  2. My Sisters and Me
  3. Scats the Word for That
  4. Clean Water
  5. Love Right Now
  6. Bubbles
  7. Backyard Farm
  8. Dinosaur Friend
  9. Less Gravity
  10. Families of All Kinds
  11. Hopes Parade
  12. Archipelago

Opening on the harmonica-driven, danceable ecology number Our Wild Family and the gentle, and yet guitar-rocking, bee-inspired My Sisters and Me (Jenn is also a beekeeper), those are followed by the mid-tempo funk of Scats the Word for That (which is not about a style of jazz vocal, but, well, animal feces!), the free flowing melodies of the educational Clean Water, and then we get the mellifluent hipsway of Love Right Now.

Continuing to blend full-on fun with messages of environmental and social consciousness for kids, next up is the atmospheric blues funk of Bubbles and the accordion-imbued Backyard Farm, which are seamlessly followed by the one-two hot step of the sweet Dinosaur Friend, the album rounding out on the rhythmic piano work of Less Gravity, closing on some more harmonica-driven blues, this time within the emotional storytelling of Families of All Kinds.

For 14 years I ran a non-profit that I founded, which promoted innovative, locally sustainable health and economic sufficiency programs in Nepal, India, and Tibet, Jenn Explains.

That was a beautiful time in my life, trying to make a difference in the world. Writing a childrens album is another way to deliver a positive message and impact kids, while bringing a smile to their faces!

When I worked with children in developing countries, we could not communicate through words, so we used the universal language of music to help bring us all together.

All Together Now! takes me full-circle in my passion to make a positive difference in childrens lives.

All Kinds of Families, the emotional center of the album, is about the different kinds of families in which kids can live.

Jenn wrote the song with her adopted daughter, Dorje Dolma, who was initially raised by aunties, parents, and grandparents who were nomadic yak herders in Nepal.

Dorje was in a Nepali childrens home before Jenn brought her to America for life-saving surgeries and subsequently adopted her.

After college, Dorje went on to work in a preschool where she witnessed many different kinds of family situations.

Dorje co-wrote the song Families of All Kinds with Jenn Cleary, and her artwork, Healing Heart, is featured on the All Together Now! album cover.

She is also the author of Yak Girl: Growing Up in the Remote Dolpo Region of Nepal, published in 2018 by Sentient Publications.

Previous albums include Blues from the Heart (2018), Back to the Wheel (2010), and Breakin Loose (2006).