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Music Thursdays: Jenn Cleary – “Dreamland: Relax & Imagine” Album Out August 9

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Dreamland: Relax & Imagine is the third family album from Boulder, Colorado’s award-winning singer-songwriter Jenn Cleary. Offering nine soothing and enchanting songs to help kids unwind, plus a special guided relaxation exercise, Dreamland: Relax & Imagine will be released on August 9, 2024.

Perfect for bedtime or quiet moments, Dreamland: Relax & Imagine makes it easy for kids and adults alike to breathe deeply, smile, imagine, and dream.

“In a world full of disturbing news, growing up today can be extra hard for our children,” says Jenn Cleary. “Between media overload, COVID-19, divided politics, climate change, and wars, many children are challenged with feelings of anxiety. So, I decided to try to address this issue by creating songs that bring a degree of peace and relaxation. As I’ve done with many of my previous kids’ tunes, I’ve infused them with positive messaging and a bit of education, and I’ve also focused on making the songs enjoyable for grownups. I hope families will take a centering breath and listen together to these calming songs. Let’s not forget the simple joys and beauty that surround us all.”

Whether envisioning sailing on an ocean, rocking in a chair while looking up at the stars, observing the ever-changing clouds, or drifting off to the soothing sounds of rain, all the songs on Dreamland: Relax & Imagine encourage listeners to enjoy the moment.

An album highlight is “Celtic Dream,” a magical journey through a forest in Ireland, inspired by tales of the past and showcasing Jenn Cleary’s exquisite vocals and Enion Pelta-Tiller’s fiddle artistry. This song’s ethereal sounds weave a tapestry of mystic allure. “Rocking Chair to the Stars” celebrates the sheer joy of sitting back and looking up at the stars! Incorporating star-gazing descriptions of several of the better-known constellations, this magical, yet educational, lullaby invites kids to dream big as they imagine adventures in outer space. Acclaimed as a blues performer, Jenn Cleary couldn’t help but include the serene and soulful “Slow Blues Wind Down” in Dreamland: Relax & Imagine. With its smooth, bluesy melodies and gentle rhythms, this song provides the perfect backdrop for de-stressing after a busy day.

The album’s final track, “Guided Relaxation with Jenn Cleary,” features Jenn’s calming voice gently leading listeners through a peaceful relaxation exercise that’s set to soothing background music. Designed to help children unwind and find inner calm, this guided session creates a serene atmosphere that encourages a sense of well-being.


Known for her soulful vocals and captivating shows, Boulder-based singer-songwriter Jenn Cleary has over 20 years’ experience performing on international stages. Career highlights include the Sundance Film Festival, Mishawaka, Colorado Rockies games, opening for Shemekia Copeland at eTown, and playing at U.S. blues and folk festivals nationwide and on several European tours. Jenn was honored as a Telluride Blues Festival acoustic competition finalist and a Colorado Blues Society finalist for best self-produced album. She has attended the Rocky Mountain Song School, a week-long music intensive, for the last 20 years and has studied with Livingston Taylor, Dr. Ysaye Barneswell (Sweet Honey in the Rock), Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul and Mary), David Wilcox, and many others. Noted for her range of song styles, Jenn performs bluesy acoustic solo shows as well as rockin’ shows with her full electric band.

Jenn has always included playful tunes in her output, and her children’s albums blend full-on fun with environmental and social consciousness. Her songwriting for children is informed by a lifetime of assisting, educating, and raising them. In addition to founding a private K-12 school in Boulder, she was the founder of All Together Now International, a non-profit that, for 14 years, provided housing, schooling, and medical care for Nepali children. She has also been a foster parent, a sponsor, has raised her own three children, and has supported a now-grown street child in Kathmandu since he was 11 years old.

When Jenn began working with children in Nepal, communication was limited. However, calling upon her musical talents, Jenn was able to connect heart-to-heart with the people she served, while also developing her own abilities as a storyteller in song and a creator of evocative musical portraits. Jenn’s children’s songs can trace their lineage to this profoundly human experience.

Previous albums include Happy Day (2022, NAPPA Award, Family Choice Award, Colorado’s COMBO Award, International Songwriting Contest semi-finalist for the song “Happy Day”), All Together Now! (2021, NAPPA Award, Parent and Teacher Choice Award, Hot Diggity Award, International Songwriting Contest semi-finalist for the song “Our Wild Family”), Blues Full of Heart (2018), Back to the Wheel (2010), and Breakin’ Loose (2006).

Dreamland: Relax & Imagine will be available on all major streaming services. CDs will also be available at Jenn Cleary’s live shows, through her website HERE, and on Bandcamp.

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