In the Sunshine

WAV/AIFF’s: Available upon request.

Genre: Folk Rock/Jam

Writer(s): Jenn Cleary

Tempo: Mid-tempo

Publisher: Jenn Cleary Music LLC

BPM: 98

Themes and Tags: sunshine, spring, cheerful, boundless, peaceful, exciting, sunshine, exciting, hope, happy, darkness past, dreams come true, alive, smiling, jam band, exhilirating, dancing, reflective, overcoming

Mood: Hopeful

Instrumentation: Female Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums, Electric and Slide Guitar, Piano, B3

Sounds Like: Bonnie Raitt

Key: D

Length: 4:02

Year Released: 2010

In the Sunshine

by Jenn Cleary

© Jenn Cleary

darkness has finally come and passed​
and new life gives me hope at last
a hard season’s gone past its prime
and now I can enter into a fresh new time

warmth melts over the chill on my face
I no longer dream of some other place
well I hope and I trust that all that gray
has gone so I can love this beautiful day

I welcome in the sunshine
I feel alive again in the sunshine
I can smile again in the sunshine
won’t you join me in the sunshine

rainbows glimmer in the bright sunlight
when all the rain has gone out of sight
all of my senses jump pleasantly alive
I can see, smell and hear all that thrive

I welcome…

I know it’s not gonna always be this way
and I know that this feeling won’t forever stay
but I’m so glad I can have just a little bit of fun
and make the most of this fabulous day in the sun

we can welcome in the sunshine…

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