Little Mr. Street Survivor

WAV/AIFF’s: Available upon request.

Genre: Folk

Writer(s): Jenn Cleary

Tempo: Slow

Publisher: Jenn Cleary Music LLC

BPM: 90

Themes and Tags: street kids, survivors, sad, abandoned, jail, orphan, children, survival, be strong, steal, cheat, lie, fight, reflective, hopeful, distressed, scared, tough, stay strong, threatened, scary, tension-filled

Mood: Reflective

Instrumentation: Female Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums, Electric Guitar, Piano, Harmonica

Sounds Like: Janis Joplin

Key: E

Length: 4:08

Year Released: 2010

Little Mr. Street Survivor

by Jenn Cleary

© Jenn Cleary

little Mr. Street Survivor​ ​
who ya gonna grow up to be​
can you rise above the despair that you see

your daddy’s gone, your mama she’s in jail
for things you just don’t understand
it’s not fair, it’s not your fault, but it’s time to be a man​

cause nobody’s gonna do it for you​
you’re on your own, be strong, break on through​
stand tall, stay safe and to your own self be true​

little Mr. Street Survivor
have you been sneaking around the local stores
jacking again and taking what isn’t yours

but how are you to survive
if you don’t cheat and lie and steal
for survival depends on finding your next meal

cause nobody’s…

nobody’s watchin’ over you, nobody even cares
except for the competition, you better be aware
there’s others just like you, I’m sad to say, everywhere

yet if you are one of the lucky ones
and life smiles upon your plight
you will endure and never again have to fight

cause nobody’s…

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