Mr Blue Boogie (2010)

Four years after her debut, Breakin’ Loose, Jenn Cleary returns with another nice album full of blues rockers, acoustic tunes and even some children’s songs. After a hiatus of two years, Jenn compiles the best of her self-penned songs since her debut and works them out with some of her band members and some of the best session musicians of the Colorado era. The result is a twelve song album called Back To The Wheel.

Over the past two years Jenn Cleary has of course done more then writing new songs. She earned some awards, received a lot of radio attention both in the US and Europe and gathered an ever growing fan base.

Opening the album is “Summertime is the Time”, a tune that immediately gives us the warm and sultry voice Ms Cleary. Title track “Back To Wheel, reminds me of Janis Joplin, while Completely Free reflects the singer songwriter in her. Sun Don’t Shine, returns to the old fashioned Chicago Blues, adding some great piano to it and on Those Boys she’s rocks and shakes the blues chords into a swinging, poppy blues track. Hope is one of those tunes that is a bit off the beaten path. With some Tibetan flute and Asian percussion, this is more a folk tune, but you have to understand that this is about her adopted Tibetan daughter. And that brings us to the fact that the tunes from this album come straight from the heart. Many of them are inspired by her own experiences; some are really autobiographical while others are inspired by the people around here. Whatever it is, these songs are about her own life and experiences and that is always a good start to create music.”

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