National Parenting Product Awards (2021)

All Together Now! Rockin’ Songs for Kids of All Ages is a children’s music album featuring positive messages of environmental stewardship and social consciousness. The catchy, jubilant and compassionate songs are a treasure for children’s music collections.

Evaluation comments from our NAPPA Awards Music Judge:
“Cleary has it all together on her first album aimed for children. The Colorado-based singer/songwriter is a veteran of two prior (non-kids) records, and her experience clearly shines through on this offering. Cleary covers a lot of territory, lyrically and musically, across All Together Now’s ten tracks. She starts off addressing some earthly matters. “Clear Water” extols the importance to solving water pollution while the rousing “Our Wild Family” reminds us how animals, birds, and trees are part of our family and we need to take care of our family. The family in “My Sisters And Me” is the Apoidea super-family, which means this zydeco-lilted number is all about bees. Cleary takes a similarly merry yet education approach on “Scat’s The Word For That,” a jazzy ditty that looks at animal poop. The blues shuffle “Bubbles” shifts the album into its more whimsical second half. “Backyard Farm” is populated with many amusing animal sounds, providing an interactive opportunity for little kids. The twangy “Dinosaur Friend” is a touching ode to an imaginary friend, while the lighthearted “Less Gravity” is powered by a rollicking piano. “Love Right Now,” which anchors the middle of the album, and the closing tune “Families Of All Kinds” deliver lovely, inclusive messages about caring for each other and how everyone – no matter what type of family they have – needs “love, support and affection.” On All Together Now, Cleary does a great job of creating fun, thoughtful songs that connect with kids without talking down to them, while the record’s skillful musicianship is a plus for parents listening in. “

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