Happy Day has family-friendly, rocking kids’ tunes for all to enjoy! Super-duper fun and educational songs with lots of positive messages about appreciating our environment, using our imaginations, and validating the one and only you, plus a wonderfully relaxing sleep song and even a tune with a yak’s perspective, co-written with the author of Yak Girl.

Evaluation comments from our NAPPA Awards Music Judge:

“By leading off her second album of children’s music with the cheery title tune, Jenn Cleary clearly establishes the upbeat, joyous mood that fills Happy Day. After getting kids excited about their day on the highly danceable “Happy Day,” Cleary invites youngsters to use their imaginations on “Magical Music Train,” which is a running theme throughout the album. The Colorado-based musician suggests putting down your devices and explore nature on “Take A Walk In the Woods” and plants the idea of growing your own food on “Plant A Garden.” Cleary cleverly flips the moral of “I Like Candy” from being a pro-sweets ditty to one supporting healthy oral hygiene. She also is inventive with her use of animals. “Turtle Time” is a tune (and concept) about the benefits of taking a rest during a busy day, while “I’m A Yak” is creatively packed with all sorts of yak facts. On “Fly Seagull Fly,” Cleary nicely utilizes a conversation with the gull to convey the idea about enjoying your life. A similar “be who you are” sentiment is the kindly, simply expressed in “Only One You.” The album ends with the gentle, low-key “It’s Time To Go To Sleep,” and I always give musicians extra points when they put sleep songs at the end of the album (isn’t that the natural place for them?). Additionally, Cleary grounds her down-to-earth songs with a complementary, and engaging, folk-rock style that is fleshed out with touches of a harmonica, organ, accordion, woodwinds, and horns. With Happy Day, Cleary has succeeded in creating a set of music that will be bring more sunshine into your day.”

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