Folk-rock singer-songwriter Cleary introduces 10 original tunes on this follow-up to her 2021 debut album All Together Now. Each song on Happy Day is a positive celebration of life and the world around us. The album opens with the title track, a catchy, interactive, sing-along that big and small kids will enjoy. This is soon followed by the Louisiana zydeco sound of “Plant a Garden” and the humorous “I Like Candy,” an ode to many familiar sugary treats that ends with the realization that moderation is a good thing. The middle of the album focuses on self-care—encouraging listeners to put down their screens and “Take a Walk in the Woods,” slow down a little by adopting “Turtle Time,” and finding strength within themselves in “Only One You.” The album concludes with the unique sounds of “I’m a Yak,” a tribute to the early years of Cleary’s adopted daughter’s life in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal and the beautiful lullaby, “It’s Time to Go to Sleep.” VERDICT This gently empowering collection will engage and entertain children of all ages.–Veronica Schwartz De Fazio

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