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Jenn Cleary All Together Now Rocking Songs for Kids of All Ages

Rockin’ songs for kids of ALL ages. Super fun and educational tunes, with lots of positive messaging, about our environment, bees, scat, clean water, bubbles, backyard farms, imaginary dinosaurs, gravity, different kinds of families and about caring for one another.

Jenn Cleary Blues Full Of Heart

This studio album is a soulful collection of songs that have been the most popular of the rocking’ blues cover tunes at Jenn’s live performances, crowd favorites from Janis Joplin to Stephen Stills to John Prine.

Jenn Cleary Back To The Weel

A wonderful collection of deeply heart-felt, yet at times playful songs, sung with soul inspiring vocals. You will love this unique mix of reflective songwriting and bluesy performance!

Jenn Cleary Breakin Loose

Jenn Cleary’s thoughtful reflection in her eclectic songwriting combines with her fun-loving musical performance to engage listeners in a funky celebration of breaking out and letting go, from sweet acoustic to beat drivin’ rock and roll.