LESSONS and CONSULTING with Jenn Cleary

Jenn Cleary has been a teacher, consultant and mentor in various arenas for over 30 years. She was one of the founders and educators at The Living School, Boulder, CO, from 2003 to 2011, as well as a co-founder and President of All Together Now International, a non-profit helping those in need in Nepal, India, Tibet and South Africa, 1996-2010. The most memorable part of this being, her time working with the Nepali street children. Jenn is also a 20 year veteran of the Rocky Mountain Song School, as both a student and an instructor.

Jenn teaches children and adults in guitar, singing, songwriting and performance in the styles of folk, blues and acoustic rock.

As a music business coach for artists, Jenn offers consulting and strategic planning services to independent musicians.

I have learned so much from Jenn Cleary about best practices for releasing my music. Meeting with her via video chat has helped me to prioritize, stay on track and to get questions answered about up-to-date ways to navigate the social media world. She has helped me with web site content and what to focus on when planning an album. I am forever grateful to Jenn for her expertise and the way she delivers the information. Jenn Cleary has a wealth of information to share!
Pam Felber, Ziggity Zag Music
It has been so much fun learning guitar from Jenn. As a beginner, I cannot believe that I am actually able to play some of my favorite songs now. Jenn has also encouraged me to find my own voice. can’t recommend Jenn enough. She is a patient, insightful, experienced and skilled teacher that makes every lesson fun!
Both of my boys are taking guitar lessons with Jenn. Before my kids took guitar lessons with Jenn, they were uninspired. Now, they each have a growing list of songs they are improving noticeably on, and their motivation to play and learn is inspired by Jenn’s easy teaching style and warm encouragement. She has a way with kids and instruments that is inspiring and effective.
Kira R
I had the great fortune of getting just three lessons from Jenn (moving out of state). In that short time, Jenn helped me identify my goals and then she worked with me to close my eyes and play my songs. That one tip was transformational! At first it was so hard… now I see that it is the key to me becoming one with my guitar. Thanks Jenn!
Lauren H
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