Those Boys

WAV/AIFF’s: Available upon request.

Genre: Children’s/Pop

Writer(s): Jenn Cleary

Tempo: Up-tempo

Publisher: Jenn Cleary Music LLC

BPM: 196

Themes and Tags: fun, boys, playful, danceable, kids, families, bouncy, adventerous, zipping, flipping, hopping, skipping, tripping, playing, riding, joking, bouncing, fighting, jumping, laughing, crying, smart, sneaky, cunning

Mood: Playful

Instrumentation: Female Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums, Electric Guitar, B3 Organ, Harmoinca

Sounds Like: Bonnie Raitt

Key: B

Length: 3:15

Year Released: 2010

Those Boys

by Jenn Cleary

© Jenn Cleary

they’re zippin’ and flippin’ and hoppin’ about​
they’re skippin’ and trippin’, you can hear them shout
those boys, those boys

they’re playin’ in the woods and climbing up trees
they’re diggin’ up worms and takin’ a leak
those boys, those boys

basketball, baseball, football, hike
soccer, skateboards and ridin’ bikes
those boys, those boys

they’re laughing, they’re cryin’, they’re runnin’ around
they’re jumpin’, they’re crashing, they’re lying on the ground
those boys, those boys

someday they will be full of so much responsibility
but for now, they are simple and free
those boys, those boys​

they’re clever, they’re smart, they’re sneaky and keen
they’re bright, they’re cunning, they can even be mean
those boys, those boys

competition, I will win this race and
leave you in the dust without a trace
those boys, those boys

they’re bigger, badder, higher, louder
they’re taller, cuter, funnier, prouder
those boys, those boys

they’re screaming with pleasure, screaming with pain
they’re screaming at each other, it’s all the same for
those boys, those boys

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