BookwormBev (2021)

Jenn Cleary performs ten songs on her upbeat album in rock, rockabilly, blues, zydeco, and pop musical styles. Accompanied by excellent performances on guitar, banjo, mandolin, cello, upright bass, organ, piano, accordion, harmonica, drums, and tambourine, Cleary also includes an enthusiastic children’s chorus on several songs. We need wild places to make us happy and feel free, so we need to take care of “Our Wild Family.” From the viewpoint of a honeybee, “My Sisters and Me” explains how they live in community together to accomplish their tasks. “Scat’s the Word for That” is the scientists’ word for animal poo. “Clean Water” encourages listeners to gather up all sorts of trash off the streets, so it doesn’t flow into storm drains. In order to “Love Right Now,” listeners should care, share, and love one another. It is fun to pop “Bubbles” and watch the wind blow them away. On the “Backyard Farm” ducks, goats, dogs, bees, horses, and birds make all sorts of sounds. One child’s imaginary best friend is her “Dinosaur Friend.” Life would be better with “Less Gravity” because one could move more easily. “Families of All Kinds” might consist of mommy and daddy, auntie, grandparents, siblings, single parents, or foster parents. This thoughtful album will encourage listeners to make their world a better place.

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